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Letter From David Udall to William Doust

26 Jul 1847

Putney, 26 Jul 1847

My dear friend

I received your letter with great pleasure.  I have thought of you a great many times and have thought of writing to you but I have always been engaged in mind or body and I did not thoroughly promise you and so I have always neglected it, but know I write to you with great pleasure to assure you that I have not forgot all the impressions made by the good spirit of God but have a hope beyond the grave and I am a member of the chapel and there the gospel was prostrated last night and salvation full.

I am happy and comfortable and a teetotaler, healthy and gay.  I hope you are the same and often wish that I had you for a companion, but I have some good ones here, thank you for it.

I am single as you said and I am not in search yet.  I believe, as you do, that when we tie the knot that nothing but care and trouble follow Ė then let us keep single a while until God shall find us one that will prove a blessing unto us.

I hope this will reach you before you go to harvesting.  I shall feel a pleasure in hearing from you when you return.  I hope you will prosper when gone and I hope your chapel is in a flourishing state.  Please to remember me to those young Christians and tell them I remember having tea there, and give my love to my friends and relations and yours, and believe me to be your sincere friend and well wisher, wishing you every happiness in this life and afterwards.

D. Udall at G. Udall

Putney Common,Surrey

Please excuse my writing and all blunders; been very tired and itís now after 10 oíclock.  I should like to have a holiday and come and see you all, I hope when I do that you will have one but I donít know when that will be.  When you write please send me all the particulars how you got on at harvesting and preaching and how you get on all together.

I cannot praise myself in getting on for I am deprived of my Sabbath, but what I do on that day I donít think is wrong in the sight of God, but I should rather be out of it.

I hope this will find you in good health and strength and with a contented mind and good conscience, and a hope beyond the grave.  May God bless you with every blessing that is needful both for soul and body is the sincere prayer of D.U.







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