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Letter From David Udall to William Doust

6 Jul 1848

My dear brother,

I received your kind letter.  I can assure you that I am not offended nor have I forgotten you.  I have been very busy and I am not very fond of writing, and I have neglected it, and we do not understand one another; they are the reasons that I have not written before, but I hope this will find you and your wife happy and comfortable, with no schism in your body as it leaves me at present.  May we raise our gratitude for to God for it.

You said in one of your letters that the Latter-day Saints did not believe predestination and election nor universal salvation, but I say they do or otherwise they would not believe in any part of the scripture.  How is it that you believe in scriptures and do not believe only part of it?

You are a half-bred infidel you say that they are contrary to each other, then I say that scripture contrasted itself.  I believe that God has elect, our Savior spoke of God-elected people such as Moses and David and his prophets and ministers, and scripture speaks of predestination.  I believe that God does predestinate such as lose their first estate, those spirits that are rebellious before they enter this world such as Judas.  Our Savior called him a son of perdition, and no doubt that he has lost his first estate and was predestined.  Also scripture speaks of universal salvation, therefore Latter-day Saints believe in the three.  You said that the Latter-day Saints do not preach the gospel, but I say they do and I can prove that they are sent from God, but time will not permit.

You said that you should like to know the state of my mind, but if I was to write from this time to the day 12 months from now, I should not be able to describe it to you.  I should like to see you, then perhaps I will describe my mind to you.  I can assure you that I am not a teetotaler without a reason, and I am not a Chartist (and I did not join a Peace Society) without good reasons for it.  And I did not leave the Wesleyans without a good reason, and I did not join the Latter-day Saints without good reasons.

I shall not say any more about baptism, if you can find any commission or anywhere in scripture where they baptized children, then I will not object to it.  Baptizing of children is a tradition and that tradition has become venerated, but you must search scripture for yourself with a prayerful spirit and then you will be led to the truth.

I cannot conform to the doctrines of any other church but the Latter-day Saints.  They believe in all the scripture and can prove it, and they have the gifts that our Savior promised them.  That is a proof that they are the true church, and no other church has those gifts, and that is a proof that there is something missing.  They can speak with new tongues and prophesy and cast out devils and heal the sick and have all the gifts that our Savior promised.

I hope that you are doing much good by your teaching, and God will bless you if he has called you.  Give my love to all friends and relations and believe me to be your sincere, as ever, friend and well wisher wishing you every happiness in the world and afterward.  And if you and I never meet again I hope that in heaven we shall meet.

(side writings)

I have no doubt you thought I had no more to say and I was under delusions.

Please write to me soon.  I have no doubt that you thought I had given up the battle.

David Udall

Putney Common,Surrey

6 Jul 1848










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