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Letter From Eliza King Udall to Mary King

Written in 1862/1863

This letter ends abruptly before the end of a page, with no signature or farewell.  There appears to be a date written but it is too faint to make out.  It was written in answer to a letter informing her that her mother had died (which happened 13 Jul 1862).  Eliza wrote it between receiving the letter and her own death on 15 Mar 1863.  Eliza probably wrote the letter piecemeal and did not finish it, and David then sent it along when he wrote on 20 Mar 1863 to her father of her death.



Nephi City, Juab County, Date ___


My dear sister, with pleasure I take my pen in hand to write to you, and thanks to my Heavenly Father this leaves us all well.  I hope it may find my father, brothers and sisters all well.  Dear Mary I was much grieved to hear of the sufferings of dear mother.  I grieved very much to think I was not able to assist you in waiting on her in the last days of her life.  I was glad to know my letter reached her before her reason left her.  I felt much more reconciled to hear of her death and loss.

Dear Mary, I feel not as you do.  I passed through that trouble years ago when you all enjoyed her counsel and society.  She has raised us all according to her desire, and now returned to her rest, where we all must go.  I feel not to mourn without hope, and rejoice to think of meeting each other again.  Dear Mary, I wish you were here with me, or some of my dear brothers and sisters, but I must not indulge in that thought.


Hear said accounts of the distress in England among the poor.  I trust my dear relations suffer not from hunger.  We have abundance to eat and comfortable clothing to wear, although chiefly manufactured by our own hands.  I have a nice house to live in with six rooms in it and it is our own.


My dear sisters, I am glad I am here.  We are a thousand miles from the United States where the war is, it is truly destroying.  What is coming upon the earth?  The Lord only knows where it will end; his ways are not our ways.  My children are running round, I cannot write.  I almost forgot how to write I do so little of it.  My family keeps me busy all the time and time flies away a year upon years and our course is run and we are gone in the silent tomb and others come in our place.  Dear sister we feel ourselves truly a blessed people.  We have peace here where we are and distant stakes over the land.  This is a healthy country, not many deaths according to the number of people.  There are a great many people gathering here every year so I have the chance to see how you dress in England; they appear strange to us.  We dress very different than those ribbons and fancy things ___t get they like.  What you give 1 shilling for there is 6 shillings here. I have bought 1 bonnet ribbon since I left England.


(letter ends)














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