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Letter from Jesse Udall to David Udall

12 Mar 1859

Goudhurst, Kent, Old England, 12 Mar 1859


My Dear Son,

This comes with my kindest regards to yourself and all your family who I hope are well and happy and I am sure you will be glad to hear that I am as usual - not able to work but can walk from Marden to Goudhurst and back again the same day which you will say is pretty well for an old man.


I have however withdrawn from the Mormons - they were become too extortionary for me - demanding a tenth of all and excommunicated a man who would not submit to their demands.  When you write again let me know in what form B. Young taxes his people and to what amount.  You said in your letter that peace is made but did not tell us on what condition which you will be so kind as to inform me about.  And tell me also if the building of your temple continues and also if your people may leave just when and for what reason and with what intentions they please.  And if on leaving they are interrogated by their superiors.  


I am glad that there shall visit friendship between yourself and Gaius Udall who to me and mine is acting worthily.  He has placed your brother King in a grocerís shop in which he is doing well.  Provides a home for Mary when she needs which was particularly acceptable during an affliction that she has lately experienced.  I have given him your portrait and he and his have more than reciprocated the favor in several presents to me.


I must just add that Steph. Bont (Blunt? Doust?) and Edward Doust desire thee kind regards to you, also Edwin & Geo. Doust.  William Doust of Tattlebury is now in America in the regular Ministry.  He lost his wife on the voyage and he is married again.  David Doust and family have gone to New South Wales since which N. Gates has died and his widow is married again.  They are all doing well.  Give my kind regards to Bros. Pay and Davis Esquires and any others that should happen to know me.  Tell Bro. Pay that I well remember his administering to me for pain in my side.  Mary will supply more news.  My kind love shall.


You will be glad to hear that John is doing well though he has six children and expecting the seventh.  He is very kind to me and does a share with the rest of the family toward my support which with some presents from old friends makes my life comparatively easy.  George Coe is in the regular Ministry and favors me with occasional presents - Tell Eliza that I should like to receive a letter from her.  Mary will add to this letter I must therefore leave something for her to say.  You will not I think omit to write soon.

I remain my dear son your affectionate father Jesse Udall


PS: I forgot to mention the name of Mrs. Bennett from whom I have received marks of favor.















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