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Udall Alias Woodman References in Dorset

Accumulated by Geoffrey Copus

Note: These various records show that family members went by either surname and sometimes both, throughout the 1600's and 1700's.


Netherbury, Dorset Parish Records - Christenings

Elizabeth daughter of William Woodman als. Udal, baptized 18 Feb 1697



Phillimore's Transcript of Netherbury, Dorset Parish Records

George Udall and Mary Cox, married 12 May 1702



Netherbury, Dorset Bishop's Transcript

George Woodman and Mary Cox, married 12 May 1702



Netherbury, Dorset Parish Records - Christenings

John son of William Woodman baptized 20 Sep 1727



Netherbury, Dorset Bishop's Transcript - Christenings

John son of William Woodman baptized 20 Sep 1727



Notebook Kept By the Gollop Brothers, South Bowood Manor

Notebook #1

Cottage at South Bowood

1711 - Jno. Ewdall

1712 - 1721 - Jno Udall

1722 - Jno Udall - alias Woodman

1723 - 1725 Jno. Udall

1725 - John Udall

Farm Rents

Lady Day 1717 to Lady Day 1718: Jno. Woodman

Lady Day 1719 to Lady Day 1720: Jno Woodman yeoman

Lady Day 1720 to Lady Day 1721: Farmer Udall

Lady Day 1723 to Lady Day 1725: Farmer Udall


Notebook #2


1721 - 1722 - John Udall alias Woodman

1722 - 1729 - John Udall


1707 - 1708 - Farmer CLift

1714 - 1715 - Widow Clift

1722 - 1729 - Farmer Udall

(A scrawled note in 1727 - 1728 refers to Farmer Woodman)



Will of Tamesin (Cox) Clift of Netherbury, widow.  20 Jan 1718

Mentions her daughter-in-law Eusebia Woodman (and Eusebia’s children by her former husband William Clift) five times.  And then “The said Mary Hoskins alias Harrisse and Eusebia Woodman alias Udall and Elizabeth Cleft my daughter-in-law to be joint executors in Trust for the use and benefit of my grandchildren…”  Presentment that John Harris of Squirrills Down in Netherbury, widow, surrendered 17 Aug 1726, a moiety of a tenement (described) to the use of John Udall alias woodman, of Luccombe, yeoman, on a mortgage of L35.

(Dorset County Record Office #81)



Stoke Abbas Parish Records


1 Mar 1732 – Elner, daughter of Thomas and Jeam Wodman


12 Oct 1760 – Eleanor dau of Thomas and Jane Udall

22 Oct 1769 – Jean wife of Thomas Udall

27 Apr 1788 – Thomas Udal


28 Mar 1734.  John Udall otherwise Woodman, of Lucombe, yeoman, claims tenancy of a messuage called Squirrells Down, late in the tenure of Thomas Hoskins, otherwise Harris, by surrender made by Edward Lawrence of Netherbury.

(Dorset County Record Office #137)


13 Oct 1749. John Udal alias Woodman, late of Luccombe in Netherbury, yeoman, deceased on 12 Jul 1738 surrendered the dwellinghouse called Squirrils Down and certain closes of land to the use of himself for life, then to Eusebia his wife, and on her death or remarriage to the use of John Udal, his son.


10 Feb 1776. John Udall alias Woodman of Stokes Abbot.  Benjamin Wellman and William Buckland, churchwardens of Stoke Abbas, and John Symes and John Udall, overseers of the poor of the said parish…place John Udall alias Woodman, a poor child of the said parish, apprentice to William Udall alias Woodman of the same, cordwainer, to dwell and serve…until his age of 24 years and to be trained as a cordwainer, etc.  Mark of William x Udall alias Woodman.



Netherbury Parish Registers and Bishop’s Transcripts


18 Feb 1697/1698 – Eliz. D of Will Udal als Woodman


30 Jun 1695 – Tho. Udal als Woodman

28 Nov 1695 – Jone Udal als Woodman



Manor of Chideock, Presentments 1706 – 1807

1772 – List of Jurors:

Gayus Woodman alias Udal (he signs Gaius Udall)






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