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David Udall Family Reminiscence

From His Journal

Many dates and some names on this record are erroneous.  These genealogical abstracts were collected and composed in December 1850, between David Udall and Eliza King’s marriage and their departure to America.  A few dates were added to the text later.  There is also a list of names for whom LDS Temple work was done in 1870.


Udall Family

John Udall born 1748, Catherine his wife, her maiden name King who died 1829.  The grandfather and grandmother of David Udall; good merit, noble spirited man and woman, lived industriously, brought up a large family respectably.  When John Udall died he left his family 1000 pounds, but they were wasteful and made off with it, brought themselves to poverty and their mother died insane.  John Udall brought up his family in the parish of Goudhurst, county of Kent, but where he was born I could never find out, and I never saw a man in my life by the name of Udall, only our family.


They were the father and mother of:

John born about 1776

William 1780

George 13 May 1782

Gaius 1785

Jesse 11 Oct 1788

Sarah, Mary and Keturah (who died Aug 1849)

David died 29 Oct 1796


When I left England there was only Jesse my father and George alive.



Drawbridge Family

My grandfather born 1749, grandmother 1759.  Good moral man and woman.  I always think about them with respect.  Brought up a large family by industry as a blacksmith.  Lived in the parish of Cranbrook, Kent.



Elizabeth born 4 Aug 1779

John 1781 died 19 Dec 1831, his wife born 17 Sep 1788, good woman

Thomas 10 Jan 1784

Maria 20 May 1782

Samuel 15 Mar 1786

William 19 Apr 1789

Ann mother of David Udall born 18 Apr 1791

Sarah 2 Aug 1793

Catherine 5 May 1801

George 4 Oct 1802

Benjamin 10 Jul 1795

Ann Drawbridge Udall, mother of David Udall died 30 Oct 1854



Jesse Udall Family

Jesse Udall was the son of John Udall and the father of David Udall, born 11 Oct 1788, lived by his industry and brought up a large family in the way they should go.  He taught them to be sober, industrious, honest and many other good principles and set them good examples.  He came to America and his son David was born to him in the parish of Goudhurst.


Ann Drawbridge born 18 Apr 1791, a good woman, had 16 children, she loved her son David very much.  She became the wife of William Boys and bore him 7 children, two lived:


Louisa, born 15 Oct 1811 died 1840, left 4 children

William, born 26 Feb 1816


Ann Boys then became the wife of Jesse Udall, bore him 9 children.  She was a good wife and mother. 



Jesse the eldest son born 24 Dec 1818, died 8 May 1833

John and Benjamin born 18 Jul 1822, Benjamin died 3 or 4 months old, John had 4 daughters by 1850

Ann born 25 Dec 1825

Keturah 6 Apr 1827

David 18 Jan 1829

George King Udall 27 May 1831, died 21 Jan 1908

Youngest son Jesse born 22 Apr 1835, died 6 Mar 1844

Mary 2 Apr 1836, died 1860



William King Family

William King born 23 May 1788, Ann Anderson the wife of Wm King born 24 Dec 1798, the father and mother of Eliza King, the wife of David Udall, live in the parish of Binfield, Berkshire, England.  A very good man and woman, brought up a large family by industry.  They are good, honest, sober, industrious.


Affectionate children:

Oldest daughter Maria born 28 Jul 1817

Charles 17 Sep 1818 died 1900

Elizabeth 1820 died 1822

Sarah 22 Apr 1822

John and Ann 15 Jul 1824

Eliza 30 Dec 1826

William 18 Feb 1829

Emma 8 Apr 1831

George 13 Apr 1833 died

Joseph 13 Jul 1835

Mary 6 Jul 1837

Henry 10 May 1840



25 Jun 1870

David Udall was baptized for the dead

Grandfather        John Udall born 1741, England

Father                 Jesse Udall born 11 Oct 1788, Goudhurst, England

Uncle                  George Udall born 13 May 1782, Goudhurst, England

Grandfather        John Drawbridge born 1749, Cranbrook, England

Uncle                  John Drawbridge born 10 May 1781, Cranbrook, England

Uncle                  Samuel Drawbridge born 15 Mar 1786, Cranbrook, England

Uncle                  William Drawbridge born 17 Apr 1789, Cranbrook, England

Uncle                  Thomas Drawbridge born 10 Jan 1784, Cranbrook, England

Uncle                  George Drawbridge born 4 Oct 1802, Cranbrook, England

Brother               William Boys born 22 Feb 1816, Cranbrook, England

Brother               Jesse Udall born 24 Dec 1818, Goudhurst, Kent, England

Youngest Brother             Jesse Udall born 22 Apr 1833


Eliza Ann Udall was baptized for the following names:

Grandmother      Elizabeth King, wife of John Udall ___ April

_____                 Keturah Udall

Great Grandmother Drawbridge      born 1759

Great Aunt         Elizabeth Drawbridge born 21 Aug 1779, England

Great Aunt         Maria Drawbridge born 20 May 1798, England

Great Aunt         Sariah Drawbridge born 23 Aug 1793, England

Great Aunt         Catharine Drawbridge born 5 May 1801, England

Aunt                   Louisa Boys born 15 Oct 1811

___                      Ann Udall born 25 Dec 1825

___                      Mary Udall born 2 Apr 1836

Great Grandmother Ann Anderson wife of William King







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