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Edward Giles

1802 - unknown


Edward Giles

Sarah Udall


Born                                                             Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                           14 Mar 1802    Goudhurst, Kent, England



None known



Brief History


Edward was born in 1802.  Genealogy records available through LDS resources show him dying the next year, but I have found nothing in the local records or temple records of his relatives to support it.


There are census entries of an Edward Giles living in Goudhurst for several decades.  The age of the individual jumps around, but is usually too young for our Edward.  Still, the birthplace is suitable, the age is within range, Edward is a servant and worker like many of his relatives, and in 1841 he lived next door to the family of George Giles, a likely candidate for our Edward’s brother.


David King Udall believed in 1877 that Edward had died.





Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Edward son of Edward & Sarah Giles, christened 14 Mar 1802



1841 Census District 4, Goudhurst, Kent

Edward Giles 30, born Kent, trade "M - S" (M - L?)

Note: Even though Edward is listed as nine years too young, this entry is still appealing because next door is household of George Giles.  Our Edward had a brother George, though this George is also listed as six years younger than Edward's brother.  Edward lived in household of Ann Vonsden, a farmer, at Hen Green.  Trade might mean Manual Servant or Manual Laborer.



England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915

Name: Edward Giles

Year of Registration:        1843

Quarter of Registration:   Apr-May-Jun

District:               Cranbrook

County:              Kent

Volume:              5

Page:   119

Note: Brides on page were Mary Sophia Hickmott, Sarah Morris



1851 Census District 1a, Goudhurst, Kent

Edward Giles servant 45, born Goudhurst, Kent, widowed, ag lab

Note: Lived in household of William and Mary Amsden, farmer with 98 acres, at Hen Green Farm.



1861 Census District 4, Goudhurst, Kent

Edward Giles servant 50, born Goudhurst, Kent, carter, widower

Note: Lived in household of Lawrence Thurgood and wife Jane, “farmer 93 acres employs 4 men 2 boys” at #60 Gore St.



1871 Census District 3, Goudhurst, Kent

Edward Giles boarder, 57, born Staplehurst, Kent, widowed, general servant (outdoors)

Note: Lived in household of John F. Thurgood a merchant’s clerk, and wife Ann.  Address on census form is blank; previous entry is for Mann House



LDS St. George Temple Baptism Records

Edward Giles Jr., born Goudhurst, Kent, England, bap 11 Sep 1877 by David King Udall, grand cousin

Note: David King would have been his "Grand" cousin, since David King's father David was his cousin.  We would call them first cousins once removed.






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