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Elizabeth Giles

1796 - 1828


Edward Giles

Sarah Udall


Born                                                             Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                           29 Jun 1796     Goudhurst, Kent, England

Died                                      1828



None known.



Brief History


First-cousin-once-removed David King Udall believed in 1877 that Elizabeth and her brothers William and Thomas all died in 1828.  It is tempting to believe the deaths were related, but very little is known about her for certain. 





Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Elizabeth daughter of Edward & Sarah Giles, christened 29 Jun 1796



Parish Records for Rye, Sussex - Christenings

Ann Elizabeth, illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Giles, of this parish, baptized 16 Mar 1826 in Rye, Sussex by J. Myers



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Henry, illegitimate son of Elizabeth Giles (deceased), a singlewoman, of Goudhurst, born 25 Nov 1830, bap 13 Oct 1833 by W. B. Harrison, vicar

Note: Giles is a common enough name to make us doubt this is really Elizabeth.  We donít know if Elizabeth lived in Goudhurst.  Her parents did live in Goudhurst until their deaths in 1826 and 1834, and some siblings also appear to have still lived there around that time.  Interesting that the mother is listed as deceased, though the birth year is at least two years too late according to other sources.



1841 Census District 2, Rye, Sussex

William Udall 55, not born Sussex, m&s

Sarah Udall 60, not born Sussex

John Udall 25, born Sussex, m/s

Henry Udall 20, born Sussex, innkeeper

Ann Kergon 30, born Sussex

Ann Giles 15, born Sussex

Thomas Boakes 50, not born Sussex

Note: Lived on Lion Street.



1851 Census District 4b, Rye, Kent

Sarah Udall head 77, born Biddenden, Kent, eating-house keeper, widowed

Ann Kurzans daut 44, born Rye, Sussex, married, victualer

Ann Giles niece 25, born Rye, Sussex, house serv

William Udall son 40, born Rye, Sussex, hosteler

James Ashbee lodger 22, born Appledore, Kent, tailor (journeyman)

Thomas Breeds lodger 20, born Kenardington, Kent, saddler (journeyman)

Note: Lived on Lion Street.  Ann Giles was actually Sarahís great-niece-in-law.



1851 Census District 1f, Goudhurst, Kent

Henry Giles servant 23, born Goudhurst, Kent, ag lab servant

Note: This is the illegitimate child that may be Elizabethís son.  Lives in household of Thomas and Ann Burman, a farmer.



LDS St. George Temple Baptism Records

Betsey Giles, born Goudhurst, Kent, England, died 1828, baptized 11 Sep 1877 by Eliza Ann Udall Tenney, 2nd cousin

Note: Elizabeth would have been Eliza Annís first cousin once removed.




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