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Jane Giles

1799 - 1864


Edward Giles

Sarah Udall


Christened                           13 Feb 1799    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Married Nicholas Benge       8 Aug 1824      East Farleigh, Kent, England

Died                                     16 Nov 1864   Karori Road, Wellington, New Zealand

Buried                                  18 Nov 1864   Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington, New Zealand


Children with Nicholas Benge

Nicholas Benge

Rebecca Benge



Brief History


Much more is known of her and her family than I have included below.  I have yet to gather from sources I know are available.


From a website organized by Carol Spragg, a Benge descendant in New Zealand:


David and Nicholas BENGE and their families left Marden, Kent, England and sailed from London 1 February 1841 and sailed to Wellington, New Zealand on "Katherine Stewart Forbes",arriving in June. On the Shipping List, David's wife is listed as Sarah, but her ful name was Philadelphia,

David and Philapelphia had 3 children  Elizabeth, Emma and James,when they arrived in New Zealand and she was pregnant with the 4th, John. James died soon after they arrived in New Zealand.

Nicholas and Jane had 2 children, Nicholas and Rebecca.


From The Quest For John Udall by Geoffrey Copus:


Family tradition says that [John Udall] was a Parish Clerk somewhere in Dorset and brought a parish register with him to Kent.  It records quite circumstantially that (for some unexplained reason) his granddaughter Jane Benge took this old register with her to New Zealand when she emigrated there.  Elma Udall, for whom I have done much of this work, had a fascinating time tracking down Jane’s descendants when she was in New Zealand some years ago – but alas, found no old register and no corresponding traditions about one in the family there.





Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent – Christenings

Jane d. of Edward & Sarah Giles, christened 13 Feb 1799









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