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Sarah Giles

1811 - 1823


Edward Giles

Sarah Udall


Born                                     24 Sep 1811    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                           3 Nov 1811     Goudhurst, Kent, England

Buried                                  9 Jun 1823       Goudhurst, Kent, England



None known.



Brief History






Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Sarah daughter of Edward & Sarah Giles, christened 3 Nov 1811, born 24 Sep 1811



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Burials

Sarah Giles of Goudhurst, age 11, buried 9 Jun 1823 by W. H. Harrison, vicar

Note: This is a very likely record but has no other verification.



LDS St. George Temple Baptism Records

Sarah Giles, born Goudhurst, Kent, England, baptized 11 Sep 1877 by Eliza Ann Udall Tenney, 2nd Cousin

Note: Eliza Ann would have been her first cousin once removed.







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