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Ann Udall

1804 - 1858


William Udall



Born                                                             Rye, Sussex, England

Christened                           13 Feb 1805    Rye, Sussex, England

Married Authur Kursern       5 Jan 1832       Rye, Sussex, England


Buried                                  20 Sep 1858    Rye, Sussex, England


Children with Authur Kursern

None known.



Brief History


The last we see of Ann Udall’s husband Authur Kursern is their wedding day.  Their last name was subjected to tremendous variability, and no two record-takers wrote it the same.  Illiterate, perhaps he did not care overmuch how it was spelled.  I have used version on his marriage record.  How much they saw each other after marriage is not known.  Though his whereabouts are not known to us, on two census records and her death record she was identified by her married name, and on the 1851 census she was reported as being married.  There are no known children.  Ann spent her time working at her parents’ inn, cooking and provisioning.





Rye, Sussex Parish Records - christenings

Ann daughter of Wm & Sarah Udal, baptized 13 Feb 1805



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - marriages

William Udall bachelor, of this parish and Sarah Ann Baker spinster, of this parish, were married in this church by banns this 15 Oct 1832 by Horatio Morgan Brice, curate

x William Udall, his mark

Sarah Ann Baker

Witnesses: John Bull, Ann Udall



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - marriages

Arthur Kursern of this parish, bachelor and Ann Udall of this parish, spinster were married in the church by banns this 5 Nov 1832

The mark x of Authur Kursern

Ann Udall

Witnesses: John Udall, Thos Mansell (Wansell?), Mary x Bushbrooke her mark, Wm Newbank (?)



1841 Census District 2, Rye, Sussex

William Udall 55, not born Sussex, m&s

Sarah Udall 60, not born Sussex

John Udall 25, born Sussex, m/s

Henry Udall 20, born Sussex, innkeeper

Ann Kergon 30, born Sussex

Ann Giles 15, born Sussex

Thomas Boakes 50, not born Sussex

Note: Lived on Lion Street.



1851 Census District 4b, Rye, Kent

Sarah Udall head 77, born Biddenten, Kent, eating-house keeper, widowed

Ann Kurzans daut 44, born Rye, Sussex, victualer, married

Ann Giles niece 25, born Rye, Sussex, house serv

William Udall son 40, born Rye, Sussex, "Oastler", married

James Ashbee lodger 22, born Appledore, Kent, tailor (journeyman)

Thomas Breeds lodger 20, born Kenardington, Kent, saddler (journeyman)

Note: Lived on Lion Street.



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - Burials

Ann Kurzen of Rye, 54, buried 26 Sep 1858 by Thomas Lewis, Curate



England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915

Name: Ann Udall

Year of Registration:        1858

Quarter of Registration:   Jul-Aug-Sep

District:               Rye

County:              Kent, Sussex

Volume:              2b

Page:   5

Note: This is a peculiar record – maiden name preserved even though the parish record gives her married name.  I have found no death record on this resource for “Ann Kurzen”.  This is probably he death record, though why maiden name is there instead and how it got on the record I cannot discern.







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