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Charlotte Udall

1806 - 1860


George Udall

Anne Bellingham   


Born                                     27 Aug 1806    Goudhurst, Kent, England        

Christened                           19 Oct 1806    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Married Charles Bennett      13 Nov 1841   Kennington, Surrey, England


Buried                                  5 Dec 1860      Saint Mary’s, Putney, Surrey, England



Charles Bennett

Mary A. Bennett


Brief History


When the family’s fortunes took a turn for the worse, Charlotte was old enough to well-remember the good old days of respectable wealth and had those memories to contrast an adulthood of toil.  She lived and died as an urban working woman, and apparently did not help support her elderly, destitute father.




Goudhurst, Kent Parish Records - Christenings

Charlotte, daughter of George & Ann Udall, christened 19 Oct 1806, born 27 Aug 1806



1841 Census District 11, Waterloo Road Second, Lambeth, Surrey

Nathaniel Okey 30, not born Surrey, licensed victualler

Louisa Okey 30, not born Surrey, licensed victualler

Charlotte Okey 50, not born Surrey

William Okey 6, born Surrey

Louisa Okey 3, born Surrey

Caroline Okey 1, born Surrey

Charlotte Udall 35, not born Surrey

John Taylor 30, born Surrey, licensed victualler

Mercy Taylor 20, born Surrey, ind

George Copplestone 25, born Surrey, pot boy

Elizabeth Nob 25, not born Surrey, parlor maid

Sobb Williams 40, not born Surrey, cook

Mary Webb 20, born Surrey, nursemaid

Robert Taylor 25, born Surrey, merchant

William Lobb 35, born Surrey

Sarah Good 35, born Surrey

Henry Ward 30, born Surrey, ostler

Note: Lived at Bazing Place.  It is not clear whether she is a tenant or an employee.



Kennington, Surrey Parish Records - Marriages

Charles Bennett (father James Bennett) and Charlotte Udall (father George Udall), both single and of full age, both residing Allen Street, Lambeth, Married in the Parish Church by license, 13 Nov 1841

Charles Bennett

Charlotte Udall

Witnesses, John Bennett and Eliza Higgins




Lambeth, Surrey Parish Records - Marriages

William Henry Clark, bachelor and Charlotte Odell, widow, married 3 Dec 1843 at St. Mary's

Note: Very close to where she lived, but she identified herself as a Bennett years later, and her husband did not die until a year later.



St. Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey Parish Records - Burials

Charles Bennett of Ann Street, 44 buried 8 Dec 1844



1851 Census District 9, Putney, Surrey

James Udall head 35, born Goudhurst, Kent, laborer, widower

George Udall son 8, born Putney, Surrey

Robert Udall son 4, born Putney, Surrey

Charlotte Bennett sister 45, born Goudhurst, Kent, servant, widowed

Mary A. Bennett niece 2, born Lambeth, Surrey

Note: Lived at #4 Elizabeth Place Road



1851 Census District 8, Putney, Surrey

Gaius Udall head 39, born Goudhurst, Kent, farmer dairyman

Sarah A. Udall wife 37, born Rye, Sussex

Mary Ann Udall daut 14, born Handsworth, Surrey

George Udall son 13, born Putney, Surrey

Henry Udall son 11, born Putney, Surrey

Charlotte Udall daut 9, born Putney, Surrey

Emma Udall daut 4, born Putney, Surrey

Julia Udall daut 9 months, born Putney, Surrey

Charles Bennett nephew 8, born Lambeth, Surrey

Abby Brien serv 18, born Balleyholy, Ireland, house serv

James Martin serv 20, born Putney, Surrey, house serv

Note: Resided Lower Common.



Cranley, Surrey Parish Records - Christenings

Mary Ann Bennett, illegitimate daughter of Charlotte Bennett of Cranley, baptized 5 Sep 1852

Note: Possible.  Not where Charlotte was living.



London, England Deaths and Burials - Saint Mary, Putney, Wandsworth

Charlotte Bennett of Waterloo Road, Lambeth, buried 5 Dec 1860, age 54







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