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David Udall

1828 - 1910



Jesse Udall

Ann Drawbridge


Born                                18 Jan 1829     Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                       15 Apr 1829    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Mar. Eliza King                  2 Dec 1850      Hammersmith, Middlesex, England

Mar. Elizabeth Rowley          5 Apr 1857      Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Mar. Eliza Rebecca May       2 Jul 1864        Nephi, Juab, Utah

Died of pneumonia            12 Nov 1910   Nephi, Juab, Utah

Buried                             17 Nov 1910   Nephi City Cemetery, Nephi, Juab, Utah


Children with Eliza King

John King (adopted posthumously)

David King Udall

William Jesse Udall

Eliza Ann Udall

Mary Ann Udall

Charles Henry Udall

Joseph Udall


Children with Elizabeth Rowley

William David Udall

Emma Katurah Udall

Emily Udall

Elizabeth Ann Udall

Sarah Jane Udall

Edwin Udall

Louisa Melissa Udall

Alice Udall

George Albert Udall

Willard Richards Udall

Kate Evelyn Udall

Alvin Jewell Udall


Children with Eliza Rebecca May

None known.



Brief History


David’s son David King Udall is considered the founder of the Udall political family, but that seed could not have grown as it did had it not been planted in the fertile free soils of America.


I will at this point not attempt any description of this remarkable life.  You see many documents below, along with his own words about his life.  Someday soon I hope to write a biography that properly shows David’s descendants what sort of man he was.


Instead I end with this excerpt from the book Arizona Pioneer Mormon.  It is David King Udall describing his father:

By hard work and economy he provided for his large family and built two unpretentious, but comfortable, homes which some years before his death he had deeded to his wives. He left an estate in addition to the homes amounting to $8,000, which was divided among his children. As I look back over the vicissitudes of farming in Nephi I wonder that he did so well. To my knowledge father did not at any time hold a remunerative position either in the Church or the state. He did not know the first element of scheming and he abhorred debt, being neither a trader nor a speculator. Many other fathers have been more successful financially, but as I view the picture of his life, no man could be more industrious, frugal and honest than was my dear father.

I sense keenly and gratefully that my father's courage in accepting and living the restored Gospel is the very foundation of my own family life. May God's blessings be over us and help us to be valiant in the cause of the Master whom be loved so much.







Family History Statement



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

David, son of Jesse Udall, a laborer & Ann Udall, both of Goudhurst

born 18 Jan 1829, baptized 15 Apr 1829 by W. B. Harrision, vicar



1841 Census London Road, District 26, St. Peter, Brighthelmstone, Sussex

Jane Butcher 45, born Sussex, baker

Richard Butcher 20, born Sussex

Mary Butcher 20, born Sussex

Jane Butcher 15, born Sussex

Edward Hoad 20, born Sussex , baker journeyman

David Udell 15, not born Sussex , baker journeyman

Note: Brighthelmstone is another name for Brighton.  Lived on London Road.



Letter from David Udall to William Doust, 26 Jul 1847



Letter from David Udall to William Doust, 27 Apr 1848



Letter from David Udall to William Doust, 12 May 1848



LDS Church Membership Records, London Branch, London Conference

David Udall, 20, residence Putney, baptized 15 Jun 1848 by Elder J. Squire, remembered by letter 16 Jul 1848

Note: “remembered by letter” indicates that they started attending another branch, and a letter of introduction was sent on their behalf.



Letter from David Udall to William Doust, 6 Jul 1848



Letter from David Udall to William Doust, 12 Aug 1848



LDS Church Membership Records, London Branch, London Conference

Eliza King, 22, residence Putney, baptized 6 Oct 1848 by Elder Jarvis, remembered by letter 14 Jul 1849

Note: “remembered by letter” indicates that they started attending another branch, and a letter of introduction was sent on their behalf.



Letter from David Udall to William Doust, 30 Nov 1848



LDS Church Membership Records, Battersea Branch, London Conference

David Udall residence Putney, baptized 15 Jun 1848 by Elder J. Squires, ordained Teacher 14 Jul 1849, ordained Priest 28 Oct 1849, remembered by letter 28 Oct (Dec?) 1849

Eliza King residence Putney, baptized 6 Nov 1848 by Elder Jarvis

Note: date on "remembered by letter" section for David has been erased and is only faintly visible



Hammersmith, Middlesex Parish Records, All Saints Church - Marriage Banns

Banns of Marriage between David Udall, bachelor and Eliza King, spinster, both of this parish, were published on 10 Nov 1850, 17 Nov 1850, 24 Nov 1850.



Hammersmith, Middlesex Parish Records, All Saints Church - Marriages

David Udall, full age, bachelor, farmer, residence Hammersmith, father Jesse Udall, farmer

Eliza King, full age, spinster, residence Hammersmith, father William King, laborer

Married in the parish church by Banns, 2 Dec 1850, Edward Male officiating

Signed David Udall, Eliza King, witnesses Reuben Cook, Maria King



New Orleans Passenger Lists, arrived 21 Mar 1851, aboard the George W. Bourne

David Udall 22, from England, groom, headed for Utah Territory, number of packages 7

Eliza Udall 24, from England, servant, headed for Utah Territory

Note: Most of the other passengers on the manifest were also headed for Utah Territory.



Utah Census, 1856

Name: David Udall

State:   UT

County:              Juab County

Township:          No Township Listed

Page:   732

Database:           UT 1856 Statehood Census Index



1860 Census Nephi, Juab, Utah

Davd Udall 31, born England, farmer, estate $350/$1400

Eliza Udall 33, born England

Elizth Udall 20, born England

David Udall 9, born Missouri

Eliza A. Udall 5, born Utah Territory

Mary A. Udall 2, born Utah Territory

Henry Udall 1, born Utah Territory

Note: “Elizth” is his second wife Elizabeth Rowley


Letter from David Udall to William King, 20 Mar 1863



Pacific Coast Directory, 1867

Given Name:      David Udall

Location:            Nephi City, Juab, Utah Territory

Occupation:       Juab County Selectman



1870 Census Nephi, Juab, Utah

David Udall 41, born England, parents both of foreign birth, farmer, estate $1200/$1500

Elizabeth Udall 31, born England, parents both of foreign birth, cannot write

Elizabeth Udall 9, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Sarah J. Udall 6, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Edwin Udall 5, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Louisa Udall 3, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Alice Udall 1, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Ann Rowley 63, born England, parents both of foreign birth, cannot write, no occupation

(next door)

Rebecca Udall 31, born England, parents both of foreign birth, estate $300/$250

David Udall 18, born Missouri, parents both of foreign birth, works on farm

Eliza Udall 15, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Mary A. Udall 12, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth

Joseph Udall 9, born Utah, parents both of foreign birth



Arizona Pioneer Mormon, by David King Udall

Excerpt from David King Udall’s missionary journal, p28-29

Sunday, August 1 1875.

…We left Cranbrook at 10 a.m. and passed through the park between Cranbrook and Glassenbury. It puts me in mind of my home in the mountains. Uncle John was waiting for me and took me to Goudhurst, the place where my father was born and reared, two miles from Glassenbury. We talked on "Mormonism" and about my folks. Then we went to the place on Clay Hill where my father was born in the old workhouse, while his father was in America. I am now on the ground where father spent his young days. The old schoolhouse still stands, also the workhouse. The old frame building with, brick between the timbers is a comely building. It is rented as a cottage now. From there we went to the old lane where father traveled with grandfather to Hammon Farm, It is 12 o'clock noon and I am now by the old fireplace and on the same old bench where father sat. The bake oven is the same and so is the brick floor. In the back of the fireplace is a plate put there in 1776, The same toolbox is in the wall near the door; all is as it was when father left here. I went through the garden and around the house to the barnyard and from there to the farm where father was dragged and of which be has so often told us. We went to the spring from which father lugged many a bucket of water. I had a good drink and thought of father at the time. I cannot tell just how I feel visiting where, my father and mother have been. Uncle John looks like father and has his ways. He is pleased to see me, and I am to see him. We went to the old house where Uncle John was born on the old farm that grandfather and his brothers squandered. It is a beautiful farm that belonged to great-grandfather who was well-off. He owned the farm and carried on a woolsorting business. We had a good talk in regards to the past.



David King Udall Missionary Journal, Vol II, 18 Apr 1876 - 2 Sep 1876

(transcription of a handwritten copy of original)

Flishinghurst, Wednesday 7 Jun 1876

...This afternoon Louisa and I went to Ammon Farm and had another look at the place where our fathers were raised.



1880 Census District 24, Nephi, Juab, Utah

David Udall 51, born England/England/England, farmer

Elizabeth Udall wife 41, born England/England/England

Elizabeth A. Udall daut 18, born Utah/England/England

Sarah Jane Udall daut 16, born Utah/England/England

Edwin Udall son 14, born Utah/England/England

Louisa Udall daut 12, born Utah/England/England

Alica Udall daut 10, born Utah/England/England

George A. Udall son 9, born Utah/England/England

Katie Udall daut 1, born Utah/England/England



UK Incoming Passenger Lists, arrived 4 Jul 1894 in Glasgow, Scotland from New York aboard the Circassia

David Udall, 65, profession nil



William Wilson Pace Missionary Journal

Wednesday, 8 Aug 1894

Start out in company with Bro. Udall – who, by the way, I met this evening, who is here gathering up genealogy, or rather has been, but will be my companion across that tempestuous duck pond.


Wednesday, 15 Aug 1894

Brother Udall is feeling well, but I can say no more.  I must go on deck for the sunshine is up there.

Note: though it rarely mentions him, this journal contains a description of David’s travel across the Atlantic and then across the continent in the company of William Wilson Pace.



New York Passenger Lists, arrived 20 Aug 1894 from Glasgow aboard the Anchoria

W. W. Pace 37, farmer, citizen of USA, destination Holbrook, prosojourn, 2nd class cabin, 3 pieces of baggage

David Udall 65, farmer, citizen of USA, destination Utah, prosojourn, 2nd class cabin, 1 piece of baggage

Note: W. W. is William Wilson Pace.  He was also LDS, and was returning home from a proselyting mission to the British Isles.  David may not have known William previously, but his son David King did, since he lived in Arizona within a day’s travel of William and was President of William’s stake.  William’s son Garland Pace and David’s granddaughter Luella Udall would marry in 1911.



William Wilson Pace Missionary Journal

Tuesday, 21 Aug 1894

…I had the rest of our company stopped.  Who, by the way, I don’t think I have mentioned before.  They consist of Brother David Udall of Nephi; with Mrs. Grace M. Webb who goes to Utah to her husband who has been there five years; Mary Ellen Sellers who goes to Scofield to her people; and Sir Charles Stewart who goes with me to Arizona.



Utah Index to Indian War Service Affidavits, 1909-19

Name:  Udall, David         

Reel Number:     11           

Note:   Udell typed on Affidavit. Signature clearly reads Udall.



1910 Census District 59, Nephi, Juab, Utah

David Udall head 81, born England/England/England, farmer, second marriage, emigrated 1851, naturalized, owns house free

Rebecca Udall wife 69, born England/England/England, first marriage, married 46 years, no children mentioned



Utah Death Certificates

David Udall, white, male, widowed

born 18 Jan 1829, Goudhurst, Kent, England

died 11 Nov 1910, age 81y 9m 24d of hypostatic pneumonia

a resident of Nephi for 58 years

buried 17 Nov 1910 at Nephi, Juab, Utah

father Jesse Udall, born Goudhurst, Kent, England

mother Ann Drawbridge, born Cranbrook, Kent, England

informant Alvin J. Udall of Nephi, Juab, Utah



Nephi City Cemetery, Nephi, Juab, Utah Sexton Records

Udall, David

Birth:   1/18/1829

Death: 11/12/1910

Place of Birth:    England

Place of Death: 

Cause of Death:                Pneumonia

Grave Location: Nephi City Cemetery, Nc_A_9_5_33

Relatives:           Udall, Jesse (Father)









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