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George Udall

1804 - 1840


George Udall

Anne Bellingham   


Born                                     30 Apr 1804   

Christened                           27 May 1804   Goudhurst, Kent, England


Died                                      19 Mar 1840    Tunbridge, Kent, England




None known.


Brief History


George is one of the few Udall cousins of David Udall to go unknown until 2011.  Most of the others have been known for a very long time.  George went undetected because he died while David was still relatively young (and would probably not have had a close relationship with the youth).  He was also born and christened 19 months before his parentsí marriage, and no researcher had thought to examine parish records for that time period.


He ran a beer house, and died with a poisoned liver at the age of 36.  Nothing else is known of his life.




Goudhurst, Kent Parish Records - christenings

George, son (illegitimate) of Ann Bellingham & George Udall, christened 27 May 1804, born 30 Apr 1804



England Death Register

George Udall, 36, beer shop keeper, died 19 Mar 1840 of disease of the liver, at Tonbridge, Kent

Registration District Tunbridge Union, sub-district Tunbridge Wells, Kent

informant W. Cole, present at the Death, residence Tonbridge






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