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Henry Udall

1814 - 1844


William Udall




Christened                           24 Sep 1814    Rye, Sussex, England


Died                                      29 Jan 1844    

Buried                                  4 Feb 1844      Rye, Sussex, England



None known.



Brief History


Henry kept an inn for his parents in 1841, when his fatherís health was probably declining.  He died in 1844 at the age of 19.





Rye, Sussex Parish Records (Bishop's transcript)

Henry Udall, son of Wm (Hostler) & Sarah, of this parish, baptized 24 Feb 1814, by J. Myers



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - christenings

Henry Son of William (Hostler) & Sarah Udall of this parish, baptized 24 Feb 1814 by J. Myers



1841 Census District 2, Rye, Sussex

William Udall 55, not born Sussex, m&s

Sarah Udall 60, not born Sussex

John Udall 25, born Sussex, m/s

Henry Udall 20, born Sussex, innkeeper

Ann Kergon 30, born Sussex

Ann Giles 15, born Sussex

Thomas Boakes 50, not born Sussex

Note: Lived on Lion Street.



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - burials

Henry Udall of Rye , 30, buried 4 Feb 1844 by Geo. Pinnock






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