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Jesse Udall

1788 - 1865




John Udall

Catherine King


Born                                     11 Oct 1788    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                           28 Oct 1788    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Married Ann Drawbridge     28 Jul 1821      Goudhurst, Kent, England

Died                                      17 Jun 1865     Wrotham, Kent, England

Buried                                  23 Jun 1865     Goudhurst, Kent, England


Children with Ann Drawbridge

Jesse Udall

John Udall

Benjamin Udall

Ann Udall

Keturah Udall

David Udall

George King Udall

Jesse Udall

Mary Udall



Brief History


Jesse Udall lived his son Davidís life halfway.  In 1829 he braved two transoceanic voyages, scouting out a new home for his family in America.


In the 1840ís and 1850ís he spent some time as a member of the Latter-day Saint church, an unpopular sect at the time.


These are not the actions of a timid or unquestioning man.  Jesse Udall was able to imagine a different sort of life than the one he had been born to.  But something always called him back to the comfortable and reassuring Protestant poverty he was so used to.  Except for those brief and bold adventures, nearly his whole life was compassed by a circle drawn 10 miles around Goudhurst, Kent.


Born, christened, married, lived, died, and buried.  He did not live such a bad life, but he spent it looking for something else.


David Udall described his father in his journal:


During the time I worked with my father he instilled into my mind many good things, good principles, and he taught me to be sober, honest and industrious.  He set a good example.  He was a total abstainer from strong drink.  He was a good man.  I imitated his example and gained his approbation and the smile and affection of my mother.  They were very fond of me.  It is a great blessing to have the smiles and prayers of your parents.  I feel thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me good parents.


David described him further:


Jesse Udall, son of John Udall, father of David Udall, was born 11 Oct 1788, in Goudhurst, Kent County, England and lived there.  He lived by his industry and brought up his large family the way they should go.  He taught them to be sober, industrious, and honest and many other good principles, and he set them good examples.  He went to America and his son David was born while he was away.





Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Jesse son of John & Katharine Udal, christened 28 Oct 1788



Goudhurst, Kent Churchwarden Rates

1819 George & Jesse Udall rents 31L, assessments 15s 6d

1820 George & Jesse Udall rents 31L, assessments 15s 6d

1821 Geo. & Jesse Udall rents 31L, assessments 15s 6d



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent  - Marriages

Jesse Udall, bachelor of Goudhurst and Ann Boyes, widow of Goudhurst, were married in this church by banns on 28 Jul 1821, by W. B. Harrison, vicar

witnesses: T. (?) Drawbridge, George Stephens

Note: Ann signed Ann Boys



Goudhurst, Kent Churchwarden Rates

1822 George & Jesse Udall rents 31L, assessments 15s 6d

1823 George Johnson, B. Y (?) Wickham / late Udall rents 31L, assessments 15s 6d *alter this rent rate



1841 Census District 2, Goudhurst, Kent

Jessy Udell 52, born in Kent

Ann Udell 50, born in Kent

Ann Udell 16, born in Kent

Kitturah Udell 14, born in Kent

King Udell 10, born in Kent

Jessy Udell 8, born in Kent

Mary Udell 5, born in Kent

Ann Dow 2, born in Kent



Hammersmith, Middlesex Parish Records, All Saints Church - Marriages

David Udall, full age, bachelor, farmer, residence Hammersmith, father Jesse Udall, farmer

Eliza King, full age, spinster, residence Hammersmith, father William King, laborer

Married in the parish church by Banns, 2 Dec 1850, Edward Male officiating

Signed David Udall, Eliza King, witnesses Reuben Cook, Maria King



1851 England Census District 1e, Goudhurst, Kent

Jesse Udall head 62, born Goudhurst, Kent, agricultural laborer

Ann Udall wife 59, born Cranbrook, Kent

Mary Udall daut 14, born Goudhurst, Kent

Keturah Standen daut 24, born Goudhurst, Kent

George Standen gson 4, born Goudhurst, Kent

Note: Lived at Hammond Cottage with another family.



LDS Church Membership Records, Brighton Branch, London Conference

Ann Udall, 61, born 18 Apr at Cranbrook, Kent, England, baptized 29 Oct 1852 at Brighton by Elder Henry Hollish, confirmed by Henry Hollish, removed from branch records 6 Jan 1853

Note: What was Ann doing in Brighton?  Was Jesse there too?  Brighton is a distance of around 25 miles from Goudhurst.  Son David went to work in Brighton as a young man, living with the Butcher family.



LDS Church Membership Records, Marden Branch, London Conference

Jesse Udle, 63, of Goudhurst, born England, baptized 4 Aug 1852 at Marden by W. Bruce and confirmed by J. W. (H.?) Lewis

Ann Udle, of Goudhurst, born England, record received from Brighton 9 Jan 1853, died 30 Oct 1854



England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1983

Name:  Ann Udall             

Year of Registration:        1854       

Quarter of Registration:   Oct-Nov-Dec       

District:               Cranbrook            

County:              Kent, Sussex        

Volume:              2a           

Page:   301



Letter from Jesse Udall to son David Udall, 12 Mar 1859



Letter from Jesse Udall and Keturah Stanley to David Udall, 20 Aug 1860



1861 England Census District 4, Chart Next Sutton Valence, Kent

George Stanley head 36, born Marden, Kent, blacksmith

Keturah Stanley wife 32, born Goudhurst, Kent

George Stanley son 14, born Marden, Kent

Gordon Stanley son, 9, born Goudhurst, Kent

Catherine Stanley daut, 7, born Marden, Kent

David Stanley son, 6, born Marden, Kent

Horace Stanley son, 4, born Marden, Kent

Edgar Stanley son, 1, born Chart Sutton, Kent

Jesse Udall, f-in-law, 72, born Goudhurst, Kent, formerly farm bailiff, widowed



England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915

Name:  Jesse Udell           

Year of Registration:        1865       

Quarter of Registration:   Apr-May-Jun       

District:               Malling 

County:              Kent      

Volume:              2a           

Page:   25



Arizona Pioneer Mormon, by David King Udall

Missionary Journal Excerpts

July 31 1875. Cousin David took me to meet his father, John Udall, my father's brother. We passed some beautiful fields and some large groves of timber. We passed the house where grandfather Jesse Udall lived before he visited America. It was a two story frame building with brick in between the framework. The name of the place is Curtessen Green, Goudhurst Parish. We passed the farm where great-grandfather, John Udall, lived. He owned it but some of his sons drank the place up and then had to work for a living.  We visited the church and churchyard where lie my grandparents and my great-grandparents and two or three great-uncles and aunts. I looked around the place in silence, thinking what the passing of time brings about. I visited the church they attended, which is similar to other churches here. The deacon took us around and the feeling I felt while in and around the place I cannot express. This church was built in the twelfth century.

Sunday, August 1 1875. Had a good night's rest last night. I paid 7.6 for our supper and night's lodging and breakfast. We left Cranbrook at 10 a.m. and passed through the park between Cranbrook and Glassenbury. It puts me in mind of my home in the mountains. Uncle John was waiting for me and took me to Goudhurst, the place where my father was born and reared, two miles from Glassenbury. We talked on "Mormonism" and about my folks. Then we went to the place on Clay Hill where my father was born in the old workhouse, while his father was in America. I am now on the ground where father spent his young days. The old schoolhouse still stands, also the workhouse. The old frame building with, brick between the timbers is a comely building. It is rented as a cottage now. From there we went to the old lane where father traveled with grandfather to Hammon Farm, It is 12 o'clock noon

p29 and I am now by the old fireplace and on the same old bench where father sat. The bake oven is the same and so is the brick floor. In the back of the fireplace is a plate put there in 1776, The same toolbox is in the wall near the door; all is as it was when father left here. I went through the garden and around the house to the barnyard and from there to the farm where father was dragged and of which be has so often told us. We went to the spring from which father lugged many a bucket of water. I had a good drink and thought of father at the time. I cannot tell just how I feel visiting where, my father and mother have been. Uncle John looks like father and has his ways. He is pleased to see me, and I am to see him. We went to the old house where Uncle John was born on the old farm that grandfather and his brothers squandered. It is a beautiful farm that belonged to great-grandfather who was well-off. He owned the farm and carried on a woolsorting business. We had a good talk in regards to the past.



LDS Endowment House Temple Records

Jesse Udall b 11 Oct 1788 b Goudhurst, Kent, England, bap 22 Jun 1870, proxy David Udall, son

Elizabeth Drawbridge b 4 Aug 1769, b Kent, Eng, bap 22 Jun 1870, proxy Eliza Ann Udall, gr grand daut



LDS Endowment House Sealings

Jesse Udall dead, b 11 Oct 1788 Goudhurst, Kent, England

Ann Drawbridge dead, b 1798 Cranebrook, Kent, England

Proxies David Udall, b 18 Jan 1829 Goudhurst, Kent, descendant

Eliza Ann Udall born 20 Jun 1855 Nephi, Juab, Utah, descendant

Sealed 22 Jun 1870, endowment house, by Jos. F. Smith, wit J. H. Smith, Israel Bale



LDS St. George Temple Marriage Records

Jesse Udall born 1788 Goudhurst, Kent, England, proxy David King Udall

Ann Drawbridge born Glastonbury, England, proxy Eliza Luella Stewart Udall

Sealed 20 Sep 1877 by John D. L. McAllister







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