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Keturah Udall

1804 - 1864


Daniel Whimble

Keturah Udall


Born                                      27 Dec 1804    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                            3 Feb 1805      Goudhurst, Kent, England

Married Thomas Augustus Bulbrook

                                                      22 Feb 1825    Soho St. Anne, Westminster, Middlesex, England

Died                                      Jul/Sep 1864    Pancras, London, England



Children with Thomas Augustus Bulbrook

Keturah Anne Bulbrook

Caroline Bulbrook

Thomas Augustus Bulbrook

John Bulbrook

William Bulbrook

Samuel Albert Bulbrook

Mary Victoria Bulbrook

Anna Bulbrook



Brief History


It is only fitting that a woman with an uncle named Gaius would marry a man named Augustus.  The two of them apparently had affection for the royal family, for after Queen Victoria married her first cousin in 1840, Thomas and Keturah named their next two children Albert and Victoria, respectively.


Despite the ambitious names, Thomas was a shoemaker and provided a humble living for the family.  After Thomasís death some time in the 1850ís, the family slipped into urban poverty.  Keturah worked as a cleaning lady, two of her sons followed their fatherís footsteps as shoemakerís apprentices, and two other sons went abroad as sailors.





Goudhurst, Kent Parish Records - Christening

Keturah d. (illegitimate) of Keturah Udall & Daniel Whimble, christened 3 Feb 1805, born 27 Dec 1804



St. George The Martyr, Southwark, Middlesex Parish Records - Christenings

Thomas Augustus son of Thomas and Charlotte Bulbrook, baptized 14 Apr 1805, born 27 Jan 1805



Soho St. Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Parish Records - Marriages

Thomas Augustus Bulbrook of this parish

Keturah Udall of this parish

married in this church by banns 22 Feb 1825

Thomas Augutus Bulbrook

Keturah Udall

Witnesses: Wm. (Mrs?) Reed, ___ ____



Hampton St. Mary, Richmond upon Thames, Middlesex Parish Records - Christenings

Keturah Anne, daughter of Thomas Augustus and Keturah Bulbrook, shoemaker, of Hampton Court, Wick (?) Division, baptized 19 Nov 1826, born 20 Apr 1826

Note: Another christening record gives date of birth as 2 Apr



Soho St. Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Parish Records - Christenings

Caroriline daughter of Thomas Augustus and Keturah Bulbrook, ladies' shoe maker, of Suffolk Mains (?) Middlesex Hospital, baptized 13 Aug 1837, born 13 May 1828

Thomas Augustus son of Thomas Augustus and Keturah Bulbrook, ladies' shoe maker, of Suffolk Mains (?) Middlesex Hospital, baptized 13 Aug 1837, born 7 Nov 1830

John son of Thomas Augustus and Keturah Bulbrook, ladies' shoe maker, of Suffolk Mains (?) Middlesex Hospital, baptized 13 Aug 1837, born 9 Jan 1833

William son of Thomas Augustus and Kiturah Bulbrook, shoe maker, of Suffolk Mains (?) Marleybone, baptized 28 Jan 1838, born 31 Dec 1837



1851 Census District 3g, Ramsgate, Kent

Thomas Brown head 46, born London, Middlesex, shoemaker

Keturah Brown wife 46, born Goudhurst, Kent

Caroline Brown daut 22, born London, Middlesex

William Brown son 13, born London, Middlesex

Albert Brown son 8, born London, Middlesex

Mary Brown daut 3, born Ramsgate, Kent

Note: Resided #14 Queen St.  There were other Bulbrooks living in Ramsgate.



New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger List

John Bulbrook, 23, British, cuddy servant

Note: Embarked aboard the Harkaway, from London to Sydney, arriving 23 Feb 1856.  John Bulbrook was one of the crew.  A cuddy servant was either a cabin servant or, I suppose, an assistant cook.



1861 Census District 5, Camden Town, St. Pancras, Middlesex

Keturak Bulbrook head 54, born Goudhurst, Kent, charwoman, widowed

Keturak A. Bulbrook daut 34, born Wells H, Middlesex, dress maker, married

Caroline Bulbrook daut 32, born Carnaby Market, Middlesex, servant

Thomas A. Bulbrook son 29, born Carnaby Market, Middlesex, married, shoe maker journeyman

John Bulbrook son 27, born Cross St. Middlesex, sailor

William Bulbrook son 23, born Ramsgate, Kent, married, shoe maker journeyman

Samuel A. Bulbrook son 18, born George H, sailor

Victoria Bulbrook daut 13, born Ramsgate, Kent

Anna Bulbrook daut 7, born Camden Town

Note: Resided Baham St.



England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915

Name: Keturah Bulbrook

Date of Registration:        Jul-Aug-Sep 1864

Registration district:         Pancras

Inferred County:               London

Volume:              1b

Page:   92









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