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Mary Udall

1775 - 1843


John Udall

Catherine King


Born                                                            Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                            6 Sep 1775    Goudhurst, Kent, England

Married Tilden Wilmshurst    5 Oct 1795     Goudhurst, Kent, England

Died                                      Oct 1843

Buried                                   22 Oct 1843   St. James Garlickhithe, London, England


Children with Tilden Wilmshurst

Mary Wilmshurst

Ann Wilmshurst

Elizabeth Wilmshurst

John Wilmshurst

Sarah Wilmshurst

Wilmshurst, a stillborn child


Brief History


Mary married Tilden Wilmshurst while pregnant with their daughter Mary.  She may have also had a child out of wedlock later.  This is uncertain as there was another Mary Wilmshurst (also a married woman) in the area at the time, and the child may be hers instead.


Tilden’s father owned three inns in the Cranbrook area, and had a brewery to supply his inns with alcohol.  When they married, Tilden was an important part of the family business.  He worked as a brewer, and from 1791 was the landlord of “The George”, an inn in Cranbrook proper.  After Tilden’s father died in 1804, all the inns were sold and proceeds distributed to his eight living children.


The George Inn in Cranbrook, Kent, now The George Hotel


However much it was worth, the bequest did not last.  Later in life, Mary lived in lower-class London.  She stayed close to daughters Elizabeth (who was raising two children in the absence of her husband) and Mary.  Tilden apparently lived elsewhere.  Whether they were still close, separated, or divorced is not know.  She did keep his name her entire life.


Mary and her daughter worked together as laundresses, washing the dirty clothes of wealthy households.  Laundry was a very challenging trade.  In his informative book "At Home", author Bill Bryson described the toil of a laundress:


At the bottom of the servant heap were laundrymaids, who were so lowly that often they were kept almost entirely out of sight: others took washing to them so that they would not be seen collecting it.  Laundry duty was so despised that in larger households servants were sometimes sent to the laundry as a punishment.  It was an exhausting job.  In a good-sized country house laundry staff could easily deal with six or seven hundred separate items…every week.  Because there were no detergents before the 1850s, most laundry loads had to be soaked in soapy water or lye for hours, then pounded and scrubbed with vigor, boiled for an hour or more, rinsed repeatedly, wrung out by hand or (after about 1850) fed through a roller, and carried outside to be draped over a hedge or spread on a lawn to dry.

On laundry day it was often necessary for somebody to get up as early as three in the morning to get the hot water going.  In many houses with only one servant it was necessary to hire an outside laundress for the day.


Since they lived on their own, Mary and Elizabeth were outside laundresses, helping smaller households with laundry tasks as needed.


After Mary's death, daughter Elizabeth came back to live in Cranbrook which is where her father lived, though they did not live together.  She lived with her employer, while Tilden lived in the Cranbrook Union House, a workhouse for the poor.  There he died in 1853, at a considerable age.





Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Tilden, son of Stephen and Sarah Wilmshurst, christened 10 Aug 1770

Note: Film #2228371



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Mary, d of John & Katharine Udal, christened 6 Sep 1775



Baker's Cross Brewery, Cranbrook, by Tony Singleton, Printed in The Cranbrook Journal, #7 1994

In 1791 Stephen sold the George to his son Thomas, while another of his sons, Tilden, was the landlord there.

Note: The George was an inn in Cranbrook, Kent.



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent  - Christenings

Tilden Wilmshurst of the parish of Cranbrook, bachelor, and Mary Udall of this Parish, spinster

married in this church by license 5 Oct 1795, by Robt Pothill, vicar

witnesses: John Udall, Daniel Mallyon



Kent, England: Parish and Probate Records

Kent, Surrey, London : - Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1781-1809 Volume 33 Volume 33 fol 87 1795 County: Kent Country: England

Tilden Wilmshurst of Cranbrook brewer, bachelor & Mary Udall of Goudhurst (20, father John Udall, farmer), at G. 05 Oct 1795.



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Baptisms

Mary d. of Tilden & Mary Wilmshurst, christened 10 Feb 1796



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Baptisms

Ann daughter of Tilden & Mary Wilmshurst, christened 25 Dec 1797



Parish Records for Cranbrook, Kent - Baptisms

Elizabeth, daughter of Tilden & Mary Wilmshurst, christened 14 Mar 1800



Parish Records for Cranbrook, Kent - Baptisms

John, son of Tilden & Mary Wilmshurst, christened 27 Jun 1802



Baker's Cross Brewery, Cranbrook, by Tony Singleton, Printed in The Cranbrook Journal, #7 1994

When Stephen Wilmshurst died in 1804, his will directed that all his property should be sold by public auction or private contract and the proceeds were to be divided between his eight surviving children and two grandchildren. The auction on 21st June 1805, only five months before the Battle of Trafalgar, was arranged by John Mott, the Stone Street auctioneer, and advertised in the Maidstone Journal. In addition to the "Common Brewery", Stephen had owned "Three Public Inns", the George in Cranbrook, the Duke's Head at Hartley, and The Orange Tree in Frittenden parish, on the Maidstone Road north of Cranbrook . This had previously been part of a farm called The Wren's Nest and had been sold off by the Glassenbury estate two years before. At the auction, his property was sold in lots, the three public inns being sold with the brewery and Baker's Cross Farm as one lot to James Dadson. 



Parish Records for Cranbrook, Kent - Baptisms

Sarah, daughter of Tilden & Mary Wilmshurst, christened 24 Jun 1804

Note: Entries are usually ordered by date, but the entry above Sarah is 27 Jun.  “24” is very clearly written, however.



Cranbrook, Kent Parish Records – Burial

Sarah Wilmshurst, infant, buried 20 Jan 1805 by Rev. T. Greenall



Cranbrook, Kent, Archdeacon's transcript, burials

a still born child of Tilden and Mary Wilmshurst, buried 8 Jan 1806



Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

James son (illegitimate) of Mary Wilmshurst (a married woman) & Thomas Hickmott (?), christened 11 Dec 1808, born 15 Nov 1808

Note: There was another Mary Wilmshurst in the general area, wife of Thomas, married 24 Nov 1804.



1841 Census District 14, St. James Garlick Hythe, Middlesex

Elizabeth Pigram, 40, laundress, not born Middlesex

Ann Pigram 14, born Middlesex

John A. Pigram 6, born Middlesex

Mary Wilmshurst 60, laundress, not born Middlesex

Mary Wilmshurst, 40, "F. L.", not born Middlesex

Note: Lives at 194 Upper Thames St. with three other families and two single individuals.



London, England Deaths and Burials

St James Garlickhithe Parish, City of London

Mary Wilmshurst, res 194 Upper Thames Street, buried 22 Oct 1843, 69 years old, by Thomas Hill, Off. Min.



1851 Census, District 2g, Cranbrook, Kent, p20

Tilden Wilmshurst, pauper, 81, born Cranbrook, Kent, agricultural laborer

Note: Lived in Cranbrook Union House.



Cranbrook, Kent Union House Records - Deaths

Tilden Wilmshurst, 80, home parish Cranbrook, died 13 Feb 1853, buried 18 Feb 1853, Cranbrook



Cranbrook, Kent Parish Records - Burials

Tilden Wilmshurst, abode Cranbrook Union House, buried 18 Feb 1853, age 82, by Henry Bennett, official minister



LDS St. George Temple Proxy Baptism Records

Mary Udall, b Goudhurst, Kent, England , bap 11 Sep 1877 by Eliza Ann Udall Tenney, gd niece





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