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William Udall

1780 - 1841


John Udall

Catherine King


Born                                     23 May 1780   Goudhurst, Kent, England

Christened                           23 May 1780   Goudhurst, Kent, England

Married Sarah                     

Died                                     13 Dec 1841    Rye, Sussex, England

Buried                                  9 Jan 1842       Rye, Sussex, England


Children with Sarah

Ann Udall

Mary Udall

William Gaius Udall

John Udall

Henry Udall


Brief History


William was proprietor of an inn and eating house, probably for several decades.  As early as 1814 he was known as a hostler, and records for decades after describe him and his family engaged in the trade on Lion (or Redlion) street in Rye.  It may have been The Mermaid (known for being the haunt of the infamous Hawkhurst gang a century earlier), but there are other possibilities.

Children John, Ann and Henry were helping their parents with the endeavor in 1841, possibly because William was in poor health.  (He would die at the end of the year.)  Great-niece Ann Giles was also in the household.  The only child who was not living at the inn was William Gaius, who was living in another district of the parish.


In the next two decades the family’s fortunes changed greatly.  William died in 1841, Henry in 1844.  John was the only one not to stay in the family business and moved away before 1851, leaving Ann, William and the Giles niece to help mother Sarah with the inn.  By early 1860, everyone in the family but John was dead.





Parish Records for Goudhurst, Kent - Christenings

Willm son of John & Katharine Udal, christened 23 May 1780



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - christenings

Ann daughter of Wm & Sarah Udal, baptized 13 Feb 1805



Rye, Sussex Bishop's Transcript

Mary Udale, daughter of Wm & Sarah Udale, baptized 15 Feb 1807



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - marriages

Samuel Benham bachelor of this parish and Mary Spilsted spinster of the same, married in this church by banns this 23 Aug 1807 by John Myer, vicar.

Samuel x Benham's mark

Mary Spilsted

witnesses: William Udall, Ann x Gravetti's mark, Elizabeth x Baker's mark



Rye, Sussex Bishop's Transcript

William Gayhurst Udell, son of Wm. & Sarah Udell, baptized 19 Feb 1809



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - christenings

John son of Wm. and Sarah, baptized 16 Jun 1811

Note: John's christening is out of place in the list for the month, coming after several christenings performed 30 Jun 1811.  This is probably why the Bishop's transcript shows him as 30 Jun.



Rye, Sussex Bishop's Transcript

John Udale, son of Wm & Sarah Udale, baptized 30 Jun 1811



Rye, Sussex Bishop's Transcript

Henry Udall, son of Wm (Hostler) & Sarah, of this parish, baptized 24 Feb 1814, by J. Myers          



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - christenings

Henry Son of William (Hostler) & Sarah Udall of this parish, baptized 24 Feb 1814 by J. Myers



Rye, Sussex Tax Records

1815 Proprietor Wm. Aylward, occupant Udall and Co., rent 1L 10s, sums assessed and not exonerated 4s 1 1/2d

1817 Proprietor Wm. Aylward, occupant Udal and Co., rent 1L 10s, sums assessed and not exonerated 4s 1 1/2d

1819 Proprietor Wm. Aylward, occupant blank, rent 1L 10s, sums assessed and not exonerated 4s

1820 Proprietor Wm. Aylward, occupant Udall and Co., rent 1L 10s, sums assessed and not exonerated 4s

Note: My source did not have records for 1816 or 1818, and in 1819 the occupier names for the appropriate page are left blank.  I was unable to find Udalls listed, either as proprietor or occupant, for any other years between 1811 and 1825 or so.



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - burials

Mary, 14 daughter of Wm & Mary Udale, of this parish, buried 18 Feb 1821 by J. Myers



1840 Pigot's Directory, Sussex, England

Eating & Coffee Houses

William Udall, Redlion Street



1841 Census District 2, Rye, Sussex

William Udall 55, not born Sussex, m&s

Sarah Udall 60, not born Sussex

John Udall 25, born Sussex, m/s

Henry Udall 20, born Sussex, innkeeper

Ann Kergon 30, born Sussex

Ann Giles 15, born Sussex

Thomas Boakes 50, not born Sussex

Note: Lived on Lion Street.



Rye, Sussex Parish Records

William Udall of Rye, 62, buried 9 Jan 1842, by W. B. Wicklehank (?), vicar of __mion (Admion?)

Note: The vicar who performed the burial was not vicar for the parish.  He could have been a family friend or relative.



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - marraiges

John Udall, full age, bachelor, post-boy, of Rye, father William Udall, Hostler

Mary Hull, full age, spinster, of Rye, father John Hull, bricklayer

married in the parish church according to the rites of the established church, by banns, by Geo. Pinnock

John Udall

Mary Huall (Huall crossed out) Hull  M. H.

witnesses: Thomas Munds Jr., Ann Kurzern



1851 Census District 4b, Rye, Kent

Sarah Udall head 77, born Biddenden, Kent, eating-house keeper, widowed

Ann Kurzans daut 44, born Rye, Sussex, married, victualer

Ann Giles niece 25, born Rye, Sussex, house serv

William Udall son 40, born Rye, Sussex, hosteler

James Ashbee lodger 22, born Appledore, Kent, tailor (journeyman)

Thomas Breeds lodger 20, born Kenardington, Kent, saddler (journeyman)

Note: Lived on Lion Street.  Ann Giles was actually Sarah’s great-niece-in-law, granddaughter of her husband’s sister Sarah Udall Giles.



England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915

Name:  Sarah Udall

Year of Registration:        1859

Quarter of Registration:   Jan-Feb-Mar

District:               Hastings (1837-1977)

County:              Sussex

Volume:              2b

Page:   23

Note: Hastings is about 8 miles away from Rye.



Letter from Jesse Udall and Keturah Stanley to David Udall, 20 Aug 1860

Chart Sutton 20 Aug 1860

...we are sorry to tell you that Mrs. Udall died February last after a long and painful illness...

Note: I don't know who else this could be.  Sarah had died before Jesse’s previous letter on 12 Mar 1859, but it is possible word didn’t get to him in time.  Jesse believed David would know who he was talking about giving just the last name.  “Mrs.” suggests he was referring to a matronly figure, and Sarah was the only aunt in-law still alive in 1859.  A more remote possibility, Mary Ann Wilding, married Jesse's son John and died Apr/Jun 1859.  Her death is related elsewhere in the letter, however.  There is a chance this relates some other wife of Jesse’s brothers whose life and death is unknown to us, but that would mean there were multiple potential Mrs. Udall’s and Jesse would have had to be more specific than just “Mrs. Udall”.



LDS Ordinance Records, St. George Temple

William Udall, b Goudhurst, Kent, England, bap 11 Sep 1877 by David King Udall, grand nephew



LDS Ordinance Records, St. George Temple

Gd Aunt (Wm) Udall, b England, bap 18 Sep 1877 by Eliza Luella Stewart Udall, grand niece in law






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