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William Udall

1813 - 1882


George Udall

Anne Bellingham   


Born                                                             West Farleigh, Kent,England   

Christened                           18 Jul 1813      West Farleigh, Kent, England

Married Ann                        prob. 1843


Buried                                  4 Apr 1882      St. Mary, Putney, Surrey, England


Children with Ann

George Udall

Joseph Udall

Charles Udall

Charlotte Udall

Mary Jane Udall

Harriet Udall

William Udall

Gaius Udall

Thomas Udall



Brief History


William became one of the Putney Udalls, moving from Kent to the big city to stay in the orbit of his more successful brother Gaius.  He did not enjoy the same material prosperity, however; husband and wife spent time living apart for work.






West Farleigh, Kent Parish Records - Christenings

William Udall son of George (a servant) and Ann Udall of West Farleigh, christened 18 Jul 1813

Note: Mother's name on IGI Extraction record is misidentified as Elizabeth.



1841 Census District 8, Putney, Surrey, England

Gaius Udall 25, not born in Surrey, coachman

Sarah Ann Udall 25, not born in Surrey

Mary Ann Udall 5, not born in Surrey

George Udall 3, born in Surrey

Henry Udall 1, born in Surrey

William Udall 25, not born in Surrey, laborer

William Workman 20, not born in Surrey, carman

Note: Reside in Lower Common



England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915

Name:  William Udall       

Year of Registration:        1843       

Quarter of Registration:   Jan-Feb-Mar        

District:               Kensington          

County:              Greater London, London, Middlesex               

Volume:              3             

Page:   171         

Note:  Possible.  Also on page is Anne Wise and Mary Ann Trigg.



London, England Births and Baptisms

George William Udall, son of William (laborer) & Ann of Putney, baptized 22 Oct 1843 at Saint Mary, Putney, Surrey



David Udall Letter to William Doust, from Putney, Surrey, 27 Apr 1848

I have just heard that W. Udall has fell off the cart drunk.  He has hurt himself very much.

Note:  Unclear who this is referring to.  David clearly believed that William Doust would know who he was talking about.  Most likely candidate is William Udall, who was Davidís cousin and who also lived in Putney, and was brother of David's landlord Gaius.  It also could have been David's cousin William Gaius Udall, but he lived in Sussex and David would not have kept up with him as easily.



London, England Births and Baptisms

Charles Udall, son of William (gardener) & Ann of Putney, baptized Apr 30 1848 at St Mary, Putney, Surrey



1851 Census District 8, Putney, Surrey, England

William Udall head 36, born Farley, Kent, gardener

Ann Udall wife 28, born Speen, Berks

George Udall son 7, born Putney, Surrey
Joseph Udall son 5, born Putney, Surrey

Charles Udall son 3, born Putney, Surrey

Charlotte Udall daut 9 months, born Putney, Surrey

Note: Resided Springfield Cottage, Lower Richmond Road



London, England Births and Baptisms

Charlotte Udall, daut of William (laborer) & Ann of Putney, baptized 31 Oct 1858 at St. Mary, Putney, Surrey

Mary Jane Udall, daut of William (laborer) & Ann of Putney, baptized 31 Oct 1858 at St. Mary, Putney, Surrey



1861 Census District 2, Putney, Surrey

William Udall head 47, born Farley, Kent, laborer

Anne Udall wife 39, born Speen, Berks

Joseph Udall son 15, born Barnes, Surrey, laborer

Charles Udall son 13, born Putney, Surrey, errand boy

Charlotte Udall daut 11, born Putney, Surrey

Mary Jane Udall daut 7, born Putney, Surrey

Harriet Udall daut 5, born Putney, Surrey

William Udall son 2, born Putney, Surrey

Note: Resided Wandsworth Lane



London Births and Baptisms

Charlotte Udall, daut of William (carpenter) & Charlotte (laundress) of Southville Wandsworth Road, born 4 Feb, baptized 12 Feb 1869 at Saint Mary, Lambeth Lying-in-hospital, Surrey

Note: This is very probably the daughter of William's daughter Charlotte, and an unidentified Udall relative.  A last name is listed separately to both William and Charlotte the mother, indicating that the child was illegitimate.  The street name was written on the lower half of the "Abode" cell, suggesting it was the mother's address and not the father's.  The address is the same as the family's on the 1871 census.  There is a possibility that this is an illegitimate child of William's, instead.  Who the other half of the combination was, however, I am not sure.  The child lived with William's niece in 1871 where she was described as a cousin (suggesting the child is William's), and in William's own household in 1881, where she is described as his niece (suggesting, of course, that she was not either daughter or granddaughter).  William is never identified as a carpenter on any other record.



1871 Census District 7, Putney, Surrey

William Udall head 57, born Farley, Kent, laborer, married

Harriett Udall daut 14, born Putney, Surrey, gen servt

William Udall son 11, born Putney, Surrey

Gaius Udall son 9, born Putney, Surrey

Thomas Udall son 7, born Putney, Surrey

Note: Resided at 16 Lower Common.



1871 Census District 2, Battersea, Surrey

Sarah Boys head, widowed 49, born Lewes, Sussex, laundress

Albert Boys son 18, born Hove, Sussex, laborer/iron worker

Joseph Boys son 11, born Chelsea, Middlesex

Charlotte Udall cousin 2, born Westminster, Middlesex

Note: Resided at 159 Church Road.  Sarah Boys is the widow of Ann Drawbridge's son William Boys.  (Ann had two husbands - first William Boys, second William Udall's uncle Jesse Udall.)


1871 Census District 14, Kingston On Thames, Surrey

Mary Baker head 60, born Reigale, Surrey, hotel keeper, widowed

Mary Baker daut 40, born Reigale, Surrey, assistant hotel keeper

Henry Baker son 32, born Reigale, Surrey, assistant hotel keeper

James Baker son 26, born Reigale, Surrey, clerk

William T. Young servant 28, born Bath, Somerst, books

Frederick Brereton servant 18, born London, Middlesex, billiard marker

Levi J. W. Baster head 47, born Frockfield, Wills, ostler

Esther Baster wife 45, born Egham, Surrey, ostler's wife

Levi Baster son 19, born Windsor, Berks, grocer's assistant

Sarah Baster daut 9, born Windsor, Berks, scholar

John Francis servant 24, born Breasingham, Norfolk., under ostler

Joseph Waterman visitor 26, born London, Middlesex, married

Thomas M. Jotcham (?) visitor 26, born Bristol, Somerset

Clinton Smith visitor 29, born Islington, Middlesex, student of medicine

Walter J. Pitchford visitor 23, born Bromley, Middlesex, clerk

Herbert R. Barsand visitor 24, born Brompton, Middlesex

Jane Ensom servant  48, born Taunton, Devon, hotel cook, married

Ann Udall servant 50, born Speen, Berks, hotel cook, married

Eliza Parker servant 40, born Kingston, Surrey, housemaid

Jane Funs servant 16, born Kingston, Surrey, scullery maid

Note: Resided at Griffin Hotel.



1881 Census District 7a, Putney, London

William Udall head 66, born Farley, Kent, formerly ground laborer

Ann Udall wife 60, born Newbury, Berks, formerly cook

Charles Udall son 33, born Putney, Surrey, carpenter

William Udall son 21, born Putney, Surrey, gardener

Gaius Udall son 19, born Putney, Surrey, builder's carter

Thomas Udall son 17, born Putney, Surrey, carmen __eam laundry

Charlotte Udall niece 12, born Westminster, Middlesex

Note: Resided at 12 Nassau Terrace



London Deaths and Burials

William Udall of Putney, 68, buried 4 Apr 1882 at St. Mary, Putney, Surrey



1891 Census District 9, All Saints, London

Charlotte Newton head 41, born Putney, Surrey, widowed, laundress, wash

Alice Newton daut 13, born Staines, Middlesex

Helen Newton daut 7, born Staines, Middlesex

Ann Udall mother 71, born Belmont, Berks, widowed



London Deaths and Burials

Ann Udall of Wandsworth, buried 6 Jan 1894 at St. Mary, Putney, Surrey

Note: Parish record has no age given, but BMD record gives age of 71.


















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