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William Gaius Udall

1809 - 1860


William Udall



Born                                                             Rye, Sussex, England

Christened                           19 Feb 1809    Rye, Sussex, England

Married Sarah Ann Baker    15 Oct 1832    Rye, Sussex, England

Died                                      9 Jan 1860       Rye, Sussex, England

Buried                                  15 Jan 1860     Rye, Sussex, England


Children with Sarah Ann Baker

None known.



Brief History


William’s christening record gives his name as “William Gayhurst Udall”.  The name Gayhurst is exceptionally rare; literally fewer than 20 people in England appear to have ever had it as a first or last name.


It is a borough in historical Buckinghamshire, and could certainly have been given to William, but I think it is much more likely that he was christened William Gaius Udall.  The name Gaius ran in the family, and was the name of William Sr.’s brother and uncle.  Parish record keepers were not sticklers about spelling – last names on records for William Sr’s family are variously spelled as Udal, Udale, Udell, and in just one case Udall.  Due to its rarity, Gaius could easily have been misheard as something else.


William did not sign his name to his marriage document, which sets him apart from siblings Ann and John, and father William, whom all signed their names on documents available to me.  Though married, by 1851 he was like sister Ann, living apart from his spouse and working at his mother’s inn.





Rye, Sussex Parish Records - christenings

William Gayhurst, son of Wm. & Sarah Udell, baptied 19 Feb 1809



Rye, Sussex Parish Records (bishop's transcript)

William Gayhurst Udell, son of Wm. & Sarah Udell, baptized 19 Feb 1809            



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - marriages

William Udall bachelor, of this parish and Sarah Ann Baker spinster, of this parish, were married in this church by banns this 15 Oct 1832 by Horatio Morgan Brice, curate

x William Udall, his mark

Sarah Ann Baker

Witnesses: John Bull, Ann Udall



1841 Census District 5, Rye, Sussex

William Udell 32, born Sussex, laborer

Sarah Udell 28, born Sussex

Note: Lived on Agluand Row.



1851 Census District 4b, Rye, Kent

Sarah Udall head 77, born Biddenten, Kent, eating-house keeper, widowed

Ann Kurzans daut 44, born Rye, Sussex, victualer, married

Ann Giles niece 25, born Rye, Sussex, house serv

William Udall son 40, born Rye, Sussex, "Oastler", married

James Ashbee lodger 22, born Appledore, Kent, tailor (journeyman)

Thomas Breeds lodger 20, born Kenardington, Kent, saddler (journeyman)

Note: Lived on Lion Street.



1851 Census District 6a, Icklesham, Kent

Edward White head 40, born Battle, Sussex, married, pilot

Sarah Ann Udall (relationship to head of household blank) 36, born Folkstone, Kent, married

Note: This fits Sarah Ann reasonably well.  Proper age, last name, and first two names, and Icklesham is right down the highway from Rye.  Birthplace doesn't match records from IGI, though.  The census taker would describe other women as wives on the page; since Sarah Ann’s relationship with Edward is left blank, no relationship is inferred between them.



Rye, Sussex Parish Records - burials

William Udall of Rye, 51, buried 15 Jan 1860 by Thos Lewis, Curate



1861 District 12, Icklesham, Kent

Edward White head 51, born Battel, Sussex

Sarah Ann Udall h-keeper 48, born Folkstone, Kent, former laundress, widow?






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