Udall Genealogy


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The earliest known Udall is Thomas Woodman, great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather of David Udall, who was the emigrant founder of the Udall Political Family of the United States.  How a Woodman became a Udall is an interesting question, and while both names have a similar meaning ("Udall" meaning "from the dale of Yew trees"), the phenomenon has  never been fully understood .  Thomas Woodman was born around 1541 in the County of Dorset in southern England, and is thirteen generations back from me.  Tracing the line back so far is a considerable achievement; we have professional genealogists Geoffrey Copus and his son Matthew to thank for the feat.

The family appears to have been well off and locally prominent over many generations.  The prosperity followed Thomas' descendants to the County of Kent, where John Udall (1727-1801) ran a successful woolsorting business.  Hard times followed not long after his death, however, and his grandson David, living in comparative poverty and not finding an existence to suit him in England, sought a new life and a new faith among the Latter-day Saints of Utah.

There are compelling stories in this family.  Below are links to individual pages where those stories are told.


John Udall (1727-1801)


Catharine King (1753-1829)


John Udall  (1774-1838)

Mary Udall (1775-1843)

Sarah Udall (1776-1826)

Gaius Udall (1778-1830)

William Udall (1780-1842)

George Udall (1782-1856)

Elizabeth Udall (1784-1787)

Keturah Udall (1785-1849)

Jesse Udall (1788-1865)

David Udall (1791-1794)


Jesse Udall (1788 1865)


Ann Drawbridge (1791-1854)


Jesse Udall (1818-1833)

John Udall (1822-1898)

Benjamin Udall (1822-1823)

Ann Udall (1824-1851)

Keturah Udall (1827-1902)

David Udall (1829-1910)

George King Udall (1831-1908)

Jesse Udall (1833-1844)

Mary Udall (1836-1860)


David Udall (1829 1910) 


Eliza King (1826-1863)

Elizabeth Rowley (1838-1907)

Eliza Rebecca May (1840-1913)


David King Udall

William Jesse Udall

Eliza Ann Udall

Mary Ann Udall

Charles Henry Udall

Joseph Udall

William David Udall

Emily Udall

Elizabeth Ann Udall

Sarah Jane Udall

Edwin Udall

Louisa Melissa Udall

Alice Udall

George Albert Udall

Emma Katurah Udall

Williard Richard Udall

Kate Evelyn Udall

Alvin Jewell Udall